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Earn Bitcoins with the best bitcoin investment sites!

Bitcoin Rewards

You will get an equal chance to win one of the following random rewards on each dispense.
The actual amount depends on your luck.

111 satoshis > 222 satoshis > 333 satoshis > 444 satoshis > 555 satoshis > 666 satoshis > 777 satoshis > 888 satoshis > 999 satoshis >> 1,111 satoshis > 2,222 satoshis > 3,333 satoshis > 4,444 satoshis > 5,555 satoshis > 6,666 satoshis > 7,777 satoshis > 8,888 satoshis > 9,999 satoshis >> 11,111 satoshis >> 22,222 satoshis >> 33,333 satoshis >> 44,444 satoshis >> 55,555 satoshis > 66,666 satoshis
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Ways of Earning Bitcoins

Bitcoin is Money. All bitcoiners(bitcoin users) want to earn more and more BTCs. There are currently FOUR major ways to earn bitcoins.

Two simply steps to multiply your faucet earning


Many miners earned a lot of bitcoins via mining at the early stage. But, forget it, it's just waste of time and money for most individuals nowadays, and it needs big budget to get started. Furthermore, do not trust those programs claiming that they are "Cloud Mining", they are even worse than HYIPs, they always fail to deliver what they promise and would scam you finally.


This is an ideal method for new bitcoin users to earn bitcoins. It is free and will cost you nothing except your time. There are hundreds of bitcoin faucet sites (Natasha's Bitcoin Community is just one of them) and other bitcoin gaming sites which are giving away free satoshis. You can always visit and play to get some free bitcoin on an hourly or daily basis, it all depends. Tricks, you can earn more and multiply your earning by the help of Hide My Ass. But, do not expect you can earn huge money from these faucet or free bitcoin sites. And keep in mind that, do not join those faucet games that let you pay for upgrades in return for higher faucet rates and do not join those sites appear to have malwares or having a full page of annoying ADs that you can hardly find the Claim button.

Bitcoin Trading

Ideal method for senior bitcoin users who are willing to make some profit from their idle money though it is kinda risky. Bitcoin trading is just like stock trading, buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price; the price spread becomes your profit (it may also becomes your lost). would be the most reputable and best platform to start your bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Investments Sites

Fairly risky, only fit for aggressive bitcoin users who hold some bitcoins and are expecting to earn big profit from their holding bitcoins. Some bitcoiners earn huge profit or even double their bitcoins in a short time (can be as short as a week) by investing their idle bitcoins to a great HYIP (high yield investment program), while some others lose their bitcoins just over night (it happens frequently) by investing to scamming investment programs. Here's a list of live Bitcoin HYIPs, play carefully and do as much research as you can before you decide to invest your bitcoin to a certain program. The most important!!! Keep in mind!!! NEVER invest more than the amount that you can afford to lose.